How long does a baby mattress have to ventilate? April 10, 2019 April 10, 2019 DarinKjos

 Some mattresses initially have a more intense odor. You can rest assured because this is completely normal. This usually disappears in the first weeks.

Make sure you buy the baby cot mattress in good time. It is best to speak a few weeks before the big day so that there is sufficient time to ventilate the nursery with the window open so that the smell can dissipate. We also recommend letting the baby mattress dry out for a week. So your baby can plunge directly into a pleasant, fresh and well-ventilated nursery atmosphere when the time comes.

Which is the best baby mattress?

The best baby mattress has the following characteristics in particular: It is not too soft so that your baby’s head does not sink more than 2-3 cm and it can breathe well when sleeping. Ventilation holes in the baby mattress also provide for the latter. It is comfortable so that your baby can lie down and sleep comfortably and sleep well and find a good night’s rest. Buy the best stomach sleeper mattress


The mattress fits the dimensions right to the cot. It is, of course, pollutant-free and well-tolerated by the material for your baby.

The conclusion to the baby mattress    

Baby mattresses come in different sizes and designs. Make sure the cot and mattress fit together well. From the material, you have the choice between foam, latex, coconut, spring core and mixed material. When buying, so pay attention to the dimensions, the degree of hardness, the ventilation properties, the cleaning option, additional equipment and how long you can use this type of mattress. There are mattresses with step edges that increase the safety factor for your child. It must not be too soft so that your child’s body is ideally supported. Thermal insulation and moisture regulation must be determined individually according to the living situation and the characteristics of your child. After purchase, it is best to ventilate the mattress for a few weeks so that no odor affects your baby’s sleep. Some models should be turned around regularly to serve their purpose for a long time. Choose a model that best suits your family’s needs and provides your child with a safe and restful sleep.