Materials used in spring mattresses: April 10, 2019 April 10, 2019 DarinKjos

In addition to the number of springs, the greater it is the more it will be able to give softness to the mattress since the support surface will be divided into many more parts, the quality and type of materials used is also of secondary importance to wrap and line the spirals. The covers are generally made of wool or cotton, with a specific treatment against mites and mold, and can be used individually or both together in order to obtain summer and winter sides. Buy affordable memory foam mattress from our online store.

The same fibers are also used for padding and bags, however there are also layers of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, such as latex and memory foam, in these mattresses with independent springs, to create products intended for allergic people and particularly sensitive to mites and dust, or to provide additional support to the springs in lift activity.

Advantages of pocket springs:

The advantages of the independent spring mattress are numerous compared to the classic spring mattress: here are some of the most relevant

•    Greater elasticity.

•    Superior comfort.

•    Targeted support.

•    Correct alignment between spine, head, and neck.

•    Uniform distribution of body weight.

•    No sinking over time.

•    Air circle that prevents the formation of humidity.

These characteristics can undoubtedly be considered a clear improvement compared to the spring mattress, which today appears in its standard version a product that is decidedly obsolete and not adequate to meet the needs of consumers.

Mattresses with independent springs: are they suitable for everyone?

The question that certainly many of you will be asking yourself is whether these independent spring mattresses are suitable for everyone or not. Undoubtedly the price factor plays to the advantage of this type of product which turns out to be much cheaper and more convenient than latex and memory foam, just to mention two of the top models in the market in terms of quality.

The quality-price ratio of the independent spring mattress is proven, just rely on the best manufacturers to make sure you have a comfortable, durable and perfectly healthy mattress.

Instead, the pocket spring mattress is recommended for those who suffer from excessive sweating, thanks to the air chamber that offers powerful ventilation and recirculation, and also to those who suffer from joint pain and need to reactivate blood circulation since this type of product has proven orthopedic virtues.